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Year in, year out, millions of tourists visit Singapore. In an era, where smartphones play a big part in everyone’s lives, an application to act as a guide around Singapore fails to exist. Existing guide applications for Singapore mainly focuses on mainstream tourist attractions like Orchard Road etc. Such applications fail to show Singapore’s heritage and culture from a different perspective

Expedition around Singapore is an application which promotes ordinary citizens, foreigners and tourists to go on an expedition around Singapore. It also promotes blogging of these expeditions and sharing it with others.

How does my app look like?

Unique Features:

  • Real Time update of local expeditions around Singapore
    • Firebase, used for the real-time experience for the user
  • Refreshing New Look
    • Used Card View, similar to YouTube, which would not confuse the users
  • Sliding Tab Menu
    • Simple UI Navigation

Competitor Analysis: Application Name: Singapore Map (Tourist Guide Version) Unique Features:

  • Displays tourist attractions
  • Directions to the venue
  • Simple and easy navigation

Problems encountered:

  • Not updated frequently
  • Map doesn’t load
  • UI doesn’t provide classy and professional look

The shortcomings of Expedition around Singapore:

  • No login via Gmail/ Facebook
  • Review section still needs reworks
  • Needs internet for everything, can’t download information ahead of travel.

Future Opportunities:

  • Built in currency converter
  • Displays emergency contacts available
  • Able to view other people’s posting

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