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Clash Royale is a very popular game among the teens all around the world. It has millions of users downloads in the playstore. Since this game is super popular, there are many kinds of applications trying to act as a “guide” for this game. However, many of those applications are long outdated, has poor UI or overwhelming ads in it.

Climb to Legend, Clash Royale’s one stop guide. This application has been developed to provide up to date information and meta information which would give an extra edge to its users. While the market for such applications is saturated, this application would surely be different from the rest as additional features are being implemented to improve usability for the users.

How does my app look like?

Unique Features:

  • Real Time update of new deck information
    • Firebase, used for the real time loading of information
  • Navigation Drawer
    • Simple UI Navigation
  • Different Look
    • Providing a Dark theme, to make the players feel “Professional”
  • Notification Update
    • Firebase Notification, used for mass notification to all users

Competitor Analysis:

Application Name: Clash Royal Guide

Unique Features:

  • Up to date information
  • Simple and Easy Navigation

Problems encountered:

  • It doesn’t provide a mobile app feel

Shortcomings of Climb To legend, Clash Royale Guide:

  • Real Features from version 2 has been cut down, to check for the supply and demand of the application
  • App does not have light theme*
  • App needs more information to be provided

Future Opportunities:

  • Constant updates of good information
  • Monetarizing by adding Adverts
  • Improve as time goes

Application Launched to Playstore:

Application had 100+ downloads.

Link to application: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8uNeFB5PXqtZjQ1OUNQeUFnaWc

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