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Project Description: A different version of crossy road

Main Objective: Individual: To cross the other side of the road while avoiding the obstacles along the way.

Multiplayer: Longest to survive crossing through the map will win the game.

To win : Players must gauge and estimate the correct timing to pass these obstacles without dying.

Images of Gameplay

MoSCow Analysis

Must Have: Can support up to 2 players Movement / Controls (WASD, Arrow Keys) Scoring System Console/GUI 3 Life or Life Bar (generate back the hp) /Death System Sound Randomly generated Map/Entities Movable and Immovable Objects Game Result Game guide

Should Have: Nice Visuals Game menu i.Creating username ii.Choose characters iii. Settings iv.Choose game mode(single player/multiplayer) v.Health potion on the map

Could Have: Leaderboard Change map objects and obstacles Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium , Hard) Cool intro cutscene/ tutorial

Would Have: Online Mobile application game Different season map(Spring, Summer ,Autumn, Winter) Game Themes Store

Obstacles: -Tree(wont move) -Car(will move) -Water(wont move) -Log(wont move)

Flashy Road, different version of Crossy Road Game with OOP Concepts implemented in Java. This was developed in team of 5 for ICT1009 (SIT)