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In the dynamic world of Human Resources, Wickie stands out as a trailblazer. Developed by a talented group of four students as part of the “Mobile Application Development” curriculum (Module Code: ICT 2105), this AI-powered chat application is not just a project, but a leap into the future of HR processes.

Why Wickie? Wickie is designed to redefine efficiency in HR tasks. Its foundation in Kotlin and adherence to the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture ensures a robust and scalable solution for various HR functionalities.

How to Experience Wickie? To get a firsthand experience of Wickie:

  • User Login Details:
    • UserID: Asif
    • Password: 123
  • Location-specific Services:
    • Note: GPS functionality is limited to the NYP SIT coordinates (1.4443° N, 103.7838° E)
  • Chatbot Interface:
    • Access the chatbot at Wickie Chatbot and activate the bot to see it in action.

Explore Our Journey Witness the development and features of Wickie through our demo video available at Wickie Demo.

For an in-depth understanding and a clearer view of the application, we invite you to visit our Presentation Slides.

The Minds Behind Wickie This project was brought to life by:

  • asifexplore (Myself)
  • muhaimin97
  • DanialAshidiq
  • brianhun37

We are a team committed to innovation and excellence in mobile application development.

Note on Visuals The images included below are sourced from our presentation and may appear blurry. For a clearer view, please refer to our presentation slides.

End Note Wickie is more than just a project; it’s a testament to our dedication and skills in crafting solutions that make a difference in the professional world. We hope you find our journey and creation as inspiring as we found it challenging and rewarding.

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